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Melt any kind of meltable chocolate and pour it all over the graham crackers.

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Before the chocolate sets, sprinkle on chopped up Halloween candy. You can add different colors of sprinkles or alternate the color of candy and drizzle it all over. Let it set and break it into shards. Take the pressure off yourself to create the perfect meal on the first, second or 20th time. And try to prep your ingredients before you start cooking. What has been one of the most meaningful parts of building your brand?

I love hearing from individual people — through email or at a book signing when somebody comes to see me — that they have become more confident about cooking because of the show or that my cookbooks or a product of mine reminded them of their grandma or aunt and made them happy. Those moments, when I get to actually hear from people who enjoy the various Pioneer Woman things, adds such a human connection to the daily things that I do from the ranch.

I might make chicken quesadillas for dinner one night, and Alex just wants cheese — no chicken —b ut she wants green chilies in it. Everybody is as married to their own way of eating as I am. So I think less about making things that suit the needs of everyone in the family and focus more on having fun with the dishes and presenting them in a do-it-yourself form, which means different bowls of optional ingredients or toppings where everyone can customize things themselves.

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"The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime!" by Ree Drummond Cookbook on QVC

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A Melting Pot of Pioneer Recipes

Sign up. Create a Parade. Beans were also an important food item for the pioneers. They were long storing and provides protein and nourishment along with gas! Pioneers are not to be outdone, too. Apparently, they also have sweet tooths with this candy recipe. Sweets were a toothsome treat. Pioneers may not have or seldom baked this cake recipe since eggs were not easily available but this recipe survived and are still enjoyed as a classic today. Tell us in the comments! Swiss were among the pioneers of the s who went on the Oregon Trail. Pies were a favorite with the pioneers and made meals all the more to look forward to.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Come and Get It!

The first part of baking pies is making the pastry. This year-old pastry crust recipe has been passed from generation to generation. They are made from whole grain flour and gets a brown color from molasses or coffee. Brown bread was later found to be healthier than its counterparts.

No wonder our ancestors made it through with the recipe. There are many versions of the brown bread and this one is found in old historical records. It was brought by the first English settlers and because of the lack of wheat, cornmeal was used in its place. Assuming a New World version, it was then called Indian pudding. Make room for a hardtack or sea biscuits recipe in this video from Islander Hero:. Pioneer travelers survived the long and arduous journey into unknown territory partly due to these pioneer recipes.

These pioneer recipes kept their belly fed and their spirits up. Try these pioneer recipes because you never know when they will be handy in your homestead and for survival! What are your thoughts about these pioneer recipes? Have one in mind to try? Tell us all about it in the comments section below! Thank you for sharing….. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic.

You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. That meant a basic menu of beans and lots of meat. For a treat, there was cornbread, biscuits, or a sweetened rice dish. Pinto beans which are small and spotted when raw, like a pinto pony seemed to be the favorite. When cooked, these beans swell up and turn a sort of pinkish white. They were first given to the settlers by the natives on the Mexican border. When you eat beans with rice or corn, the two foods mix up inside your body to create an important type of protein which is like the protein in meat.

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Your body is made largely of protein, and so you need to eat a lot of it. Take several sweet potatoes, individually wrap them in foil, and surround them on all sides with mounded hot coals. Occasionally turn the potatoes. Cook till the sweet steam pipes out of the foil about 45 minutes. Poke into the potato with a clean sharpened twig to check for doneness the center will be soft.

Let them cool a bit, then slip one into each pocket to be used as hand warmers. These will keep you comfortable while you chat around the campfire. Pioneer mothers used to send their children off with these in the winter months to keep their hands toasty on the long walk to school.

How Ree Drummond creates her cookbooks

Then the kids would eat them for lunch. When you eat yours, you might want to use a dish and slather them up with butter. A ship sailing from Madagascar in about was hit with bad weather and had to make a forced docking in Charles Town, South Carolina now Charleston.

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  • From that small gift was born the rice industry in America. Rice needs the lowland swampy terrain that our coasts provide.

    Pioneer Woman Cookbook:

    Rice was and is easy to store and mixes well with lots of other ingredients. This recipe was and is simple to make, filling, and nutritious. This version of the stew is as easy as Depending on the amount of juice from the vegetables, you might have to add a little water. Keep it bubbling, and stir it for about 20 minutes. It is thought to have come about in the early s. Put a pot of water on the stove to boil. Mix corn meal and salt in a large bowl. Let this sit while you heat up some shortening in a skillet.

    When the shortening is hot but not smoking, drop several heaping tablespoons of the corn meal mixture into the pan. Turn down the heat a little, then flip them over and cook the other side. They should be flat and crispy golden brown. These are called HOE cakes because they were originally cooked over a fire on the flat part of a garden hoe.