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Hagopian, and Silk Road Group's Lior Varona, shared their insights about how brands - from giants like Google to Israeli tech companies - are cracking the Chinese media challenge. The session live-streamed on FB featured 5 terrific speakers, who presented case studies from their own companies and offered their best tips for successfully acquiring SMBs as customers.

Click below to check out Viola Ventures Partner Omry Ben David's blog post summarizing the key takeaways from the event. Breakout sessions from the event in Las Vegas are available here. Gil presented his notion of "world-class product managers" and how they can consistently improve the execution and impact of product-driven companies. He thinks Israeli companies can and should catch up if they seek to improve focus and performance. The Product Bootcamp is a special program tailored by Gil and Yuval for small groups of product managers, helping to grow them to be more professional and more impactful.

Aviva Arnon, SVP HR at Payoneer , spoke about global organizational transformation "from startup to grown-up" — focusing on how to manage and lead employees outside of Israel in a fast growing company. We featured 2 speakers at this event. Yoni spoke about the essentials of opening shop in China, from HR to Marketing and sales and business etiguette.

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Yoni was followed by Yoav Sade, a Partner at Meitar. Yoav spoke about local regulation and legal challenges facing Israelis who do business in China.

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The session featured guest speaker Raz Mitzna who spoke about "practical attitudes for employee branding". The session also included a presentation by Geektime on Geektime Insider , their new product for employee branding. I believed that the typical was my only option for work. I had a huge resistance towards marriage as I believed it would only end in pain. Since meeting Viola she has helped me over come and heel the pain behind these childhood formed beliefs.

I am now a full time digital nomad with my husband-to-be. Rachael Steel. Manifestation Mastery. I participated in the Soulful Business Academy over the past 7 weeks.

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  • It was amazing and so much fun. I am able to launch my very own business. I am capable and all the details, the know-how and steps are clear to me now. In just 7 weeks!! Fascinating transformation.

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    It blew my mind once I made the decision and started. This was something I longed for during the last 12 years, a dream which woke in me when I started my personal development journey in my networking career. I never saw it possible to own my own biz, I never found the confidence to believe in myself before, despite investing in many courses and workshops.

    Viola has changed my life, my mind, my heart and soul, my confidence and my ability to see and do.

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    Viola is absolutely passionate, absolutely loving and knowledgeable and instilled her confidence into us. She gives her all to see us succeed. If you want to follow your dreams, do something which speaks from your heart and you are not sure if you can, join her next academy.

    You will love it. Thank you Viola. Thank you. Conny hug. I had been thinking about it for a while and one day I just felt the urge to message her to book in a My life has changed so much since that call. She has changed my life.

    Employer branding strategies and best practices for attracting talent

    I am so grateful. Manifestation Mastery really knuckled down in my mind that yes, I can really bring the things I desire into my life quicker than I thought. Highly recommend this course and working with this lovely lady. From my time in YGG, I was able to kick all my sweet tooth cravings and pick healthier options, I gave up all processed fake vegan meats and cheeses, my skin cleared up, I have so much more energy and so much more!

    Viola really gave me absolutely everything I needed to understand how crucial our health is and how to obtain optimal health for life, I could not recommend this program enough to anyone that is looking to gain a better understanding of nutrition and is generally looking to improve their health so that you can glow from the inside out! Jessica Ellen, AU.

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    Want deeper understanding on the 'HOW' to make things manifest? Throughout the time during this course, I made the most sales in my business, attracted more paying clients, thought of new creative ideas for my business and locked in some positive-high vibe-affirmations and declerations. I learnt so much about myself, the universe and my place within it. I finished this course feeling.. I am a manifesting machine! All this knowledge is available right at our finger tips!

    I Get a Kick Out of You

    Stuck on the steps? I love money lol I want to be successful- I am worth investing in you are too!! Mel Garrity, NZ. Her Manifestation Mastery programme is legit jam packed with so many key light bulb moments about our power as humans and how we can tap into the abundant vortex of the universe to create our desired reality.

    She breaks down manifestation into easy to digest concepts that will literally blow your mind.

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    Libby Wallace, NZ. Viola Hug-Taylor was the catalyst for my podcast and if I hadn't completed The Podcast Project best thing I've ever done for motivation, education and amazingness all in one [10] day package I wouldn't be here squealing about how I excited I am to everyone on FB.

    Viola is such an intuitive teacher, an amazing friend, someone who shows up and expects the best you can give - which means you give her everything you've got! V holds you accountable in the most encouraging way and I am so fortunate to have found her!! If you're thinking about making a poddy and don't know where to start, hit her up!!! Literally so much love for this amazing woman. Tasha Leov. The Podcast Project. I highly recommend the You Glow Girl Program. I started my health journey at the start of when a Bowen and EFT specialist recommended I remove dairy from my life.

    I had already received a message intuitively to cut Alcohol as well. This catapulted a whole series of new levels of awareness. When Viola advertised the program I was immediately drawn to it. Being a person who works predominantly from an intuitive space I knew better than to go against my guidance.

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    Boy oh boy! I was not disappointed! I admire V so much.