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Winners include, yes, Guterson, as well as Sebastian Faulks, A. Gill, Melvyn Bragg and Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding, who was sufficiently embarrassed to swear off writing about sex entirely. This year's winner, announced last week, was Nancy Huston for Infrared , whose central character is a photographer who takes pictures of her lovers. Christos Tsiolkas's Dead Europe was shortlisted for the award last year, although arguably his balls-and-all bluntness, even his use of that abhorred adjective ''moist'', is in keeping with the characters in his books.

Think how weird it would be if he lapsed into winking Edwardian euphemisms instead. As well as regularly defying good taste with their purple prose, those writing about sex often stretch the boundaries of credibility. In The Humbling , Philip Roth has his depressed, ageing protagonist seduce a lesbian, while in a dizzyingly implausible act of choreography, characters in Johanna Lindsey's Savage Thunder make love while riding a horse.

Dreams of a Submissive

But few books have forced quite so many readers to suspend their disbelief as E. James's sadomasochism fairytale Fifty Shades of Grey. Whatever its other offences, the book continually flops when it comes to convincingly portraying sex. As well as writing sex that culminates in believable orgasm or not, as the case may be , any writer straying into their narrative's erogenous zones needs to study sex, Antoniou says.

You need to know the proper terms for body parts and actions, you need to know how the human sexual response system works. I have returned so many stories full of editorial comments because the author didn't know the mechanics of basic sex, let alone the esoteric, kinky stuff. Most importantly, good sex in fiction ought to be about something other than just the sex.

Mills & Bone: A Short Story About Sex (For Men)

Some may chortle that no such requirement exists for real-life sex. The act itself is less important than advancing the plot or revealing character. Nin's tales of sexual awakening are deeply sensuous - all veiled lamps, scented air and muffled caresses - whereas Ian McEwan probes the minds of his copulating characters, especially when his male protagonists try to distract themselves from climax Atonement has Robbie pondering the colour black; Edward in On Chesil Beach turns to politics.

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Jonathan Franzen uses sex to plumb new lows of misery and pathos Chip in The Corrections endures ''a night of anxiety and effortful concentration, punctuated by little stabs of throttled pleasure'' , while Neil Gaiman's American Gods has a woman terrifyingly slurp an unsuspecting man whole into her vagina by page In film, too, there are many ways a sex scene can serve the story: as romantic ecstasy Titanic , as rite of passage Y Tu Mama Tambien or as prelude to murder Basic Instinct.

Cinematic sex can also be uniquely creepy the sinister orgy of Eyes Wide Shut or shockingly funny marionette sex in Team America: World Police. Some of the most memorable sex scenes exploit the storytelling possibilities of the medium, as with the bedroom scenes in Steven Soderbergh's Out of Sight and Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now , which are intercut with what happened before and afterwards.

On the page, though, a lot of the more successful sex writing focuses on unsuccessful sex rather than the sizzling sort. Actor Brendan Cowell began his debut novel, How It Feels , with his virginal teenage protagonist ''trying to unlock a Target sports bra''. An effective sex scene, Cowell says, is like any effective scene, ''It has to be true, it has to be compelling, and it has to involve conflict''.

Five Minute Fantasies Erotic Stories Collection Four audiobook mp3

In How It Feels I wanted to draw a young man who finds the whole thing too intense, too real, too epic. Not only would this offer an antidote to the all-too-keen young male protagonists we are so used to, but the small, seemingly lost incident could go on to haunt him for the rest of his life. There is plenty of potential for humour, too, especially in the hands of cunning linguists alert to the juicy vocabulary of jiggery-pokery.

Daniel Handler, better known in the children's books section as Lemony Snicket, is characteristically wordy in his adult novel Watch Your Mouth : ''All the prepositions were in use: on, in, out, along, around, amongst. The Sydney comedy readings night, Erotic Fan Fiction, embraces the inherent hilarity of sex, inviting writers to dream up unlikely celebrity shagging scenarios.

Even in this format there's much more going on than just the inappropriate bumping of uglies. Since , myfirsttime.

Erotic Stories For Women | Blog - Smile Makers

Lawrence called the ''tormented tangle'': losing one's virginity. The stage show, which stars Sharon Millerchip, Josef Ber, Annie Maynard and Kristian Schmid, is a carefully edited medley of the best of the 50,plus stories submitted to the site - sex on a plane, sex in a Burger King restroom and many more. Compared with the tendencies of Guterson or Tsiolkas, most of the stories on the site are refreshingly free of grammatical, let alone literary, aspirations.

That said, people are drawn to these unflowery deflowering stories, whether online or onstage.

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  • They come ''either to boast or to commiserate'', says creator Peter Foldy, ''depending on the success of their first time. From the tremendous traffic the site continues to generate I would say there is a definite titillation factor, too. Not sure too many people are going there for sociological research. With their naughty babysitters or knickerless French teachers, many contributions to the site are obviously straight out of the musty porn theatre of adolescent imagination, rather than lived experience. But some are too painfully honest and confessional to be made up.

    Even here, the most effective sex stories are the ones that go deeper, so to speak. Despite its primitive interface and dud entries, the site has evolved into a vast online repository of coming-of-age experiences and the emotions attached to them. I have to suck your cock, right now.

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    • One of those ones that every guy knows exists but only ever checks out after having staggered home alone after a big night out and chatting up bird after bird to no avail. I agreed to the date and put on my shades. And this place was not anywhere near my comfort zone — it was way too arty. There were these hipsters in pork-pie hats and those heavy, black-rimmed specs and these super-ironic try-hard girls with pink bouffant hairdos and tattoos. And her vast black eyes look up through her jet black hair, in this heavy smudged eye shadow and these things are stirring every part of me.

      White Flames: Erotic Dreams

      Then I heard heels. She was wearing these strappy things with peekaboo toes.

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      Gina wasted no time. She locked the cubicle door behind herself and crouched. No kiss, no talk, no eye to eye. She undid my belt to free my cock and balls, and started gorging herself, filling her mouth as she rolled my length across her cheeks, all the time making these whimpering noises. She pulled her split skirt to the side and started frigging her clit frantically as she sucked and kissed my dick. I had to hold her back and stood still staring down at her, this totally anonymous female pleading, worshipping, fingering herself senseless and practically weeping at the very sight, smell and taste of my dick, with those pretty eyes, staring up at me and begging me to let her suck.

      And all of this could have only taken one minute. I had this strange need to kiss her and thank her and maybe whisper or hold her or do at least a little part of the usual male-female communication stuff, but she put a pussy-wet finger to my mouth and turned her back to me. The two of us stood there facing the cubicle door, listening for the sounds of humans beyond as my dick shrivelled to nothing in her hand.

      We were like two criminals hiding from the cops, listening for sounds.